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She is a very beautiful character, but I do have some things to say. She does not look like much of a harpy, more like just a woman wit...

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Jason and Amelia - Adventurous Wishes (Part 3)
Jason and Amelia are running through town. The kids walk on the fountain, jump over boxes and they run round. The kids twist and turn around the alleyways and find some boxes. The kids jump on the boxes and hop on the awning and climbs on the roof. The run across the roof until they jump off. They end up near the local park. Where they walk through.
Jason: Gosh, we haven’t been to the park in a while.
Amelia: Yeah, I forgot how nice it was, especially in the summer.
Jason: Yeah! Summer is my favorite! Did ya’ know that?
Amelia: Hehehe! Yes, Jason. I know. We’re best friends, we know almost everything about each other. Our favorite seasons, foods, animals…
Jason: Okay, I get it...
Amelia: Our preferred genres of film, literature….
Jason: I get it, Amelia!
Amelia: ...And our favorite music.
Jason: You don’t know everything about me. I got my secrets.
Amelia: Let's see.
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My Raving Madness - The rise of the bunnies?
It was going to be the ultimate revenge on the Glade of Dreams.
It was the darkest of nights, not on star or cloud in the sky. Just darkness. Too bad the night was unenviable underground. Where they slaved away. The underground was cold, dark and lifeless. Dusty and damp, with nothing but dirt and rock. And tunnels that connected in a way that made simple navigation a struggle. But where we the tunnels connected too? Heck, I couldn't tell you. This place was secret, only known to one certain species of monsters...Ones that were banned from the Glade long ago. Or a more fitting word would be years, decades...who knew how long it was, it was a lifetime ago. No one remembered how these creatures were banished.
No one knew why the Rabbids were banished to the "Wastelands".
All anyone knew of these Rabbit-like monsters is that they used to be normal creatures, then suddenly they went mad and tried to take over the world or something, too far back to remember...But the true story is a little
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My Raving Madness - Fan-Fiction Cover by Claire-Petal-Splash My Raving Madness - Fan-Fiction Cover :iconclaire-petal-splash:Claire-Petal-Splash 4 3 Nitro Rad's Edgy Meme by Claire-Petal-Splash Nitro Rad's Edgy Meme :iconclaire-petal-splash:Claire-Petal-Splash 0 0 Super Mario Odyssey - Wedding Bowser by Claire-Petal-Splash Super Mario Odyssey - Wedding Bowser :iconclaire-petal-splash:Claire-Petal-Splash 4 0
Peeboona's Diary
July 24th, 10 years old
And as I feel from the heavens above, I couldn’t help but curl up in fear. It was a long, chilling descend to Earth. The lights swirling around my body. It was long and strange, as I shielded myself from the bitter cold. When I last remembered the time I opened my eyes, all I could see was light. Then before I could think more, I felt something on my back, a warm hand. I opened my eyes, I saw a young man with shaggy, brown hair and a little beard, he also had a very dumb face. He was holding me, like a knight holding a princess in his arms. It was so cozy and I felt like I was just saved from falling in a swirl of light for the rest of my years. The man opened his mouth, and said to call him “Father” from now on. I don't know what that means, but I guess I will. Then before I knew it, I fell asleep, my last vision was of “Father” bringing me to this huge castle. Before I woke up the next day.
I landed on Earth on July 24th, my
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Super Mario Odyssey - Wedding Peach by Claire-Petal-Splash Super Mario Odyssey - Wedding Peach :iconclaire-petal-splash:Claire-Petal-Splash 11 4
Jason and Amelia - Adventurous Wishes (Part 2)
It’s the next morning, and we're on Felicity Island. The rain has stopped and the dew is sparkling. We close up on the sun sparkling down on the town. We see gardens filled with flowers, shopfronts and trees and people opening their windows. We see a close up of Jason’s home and his bedroom window as the beams of the sunrise shines down on his face. He is wearing his safari hat over his face, then wakes up, with the hat still on his face, then he notices the sun. Jason looks up out the window, as he tilts his head, his safari hat flips up and reveals his face.
Jason: *Yawns* Good morning, Felicity!
Jason: Hey! Felicity! Did you hear me?
Felicity: Yep! Morning Jason!
Felicity walks away down the sidewalk and Jason takes a deep, calming breath.
Jason: And good morning Felicity Isle!
Jason gets out of bed and stretches with a smile.
Jason: Another day, another opportunity opens up!
Jason gets dressed quickly. He puts on his vest
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Army That Saves The World Meme by Claire-Petal-Splash Army That Saves The World Meme :iconclaire-petal-splash:Claire-Petal-Splash 11 32
Jason and Amelia - Adventurous Wishes (Part 1)
We see nothing. Nothing but big, beautiful space. Then we hear a voice...
Musa: Have you ever had an adventure?
A single star shines, and other shines after it. The main theme begins to play as the credits of the creators, actors and other staff begin to roll.
Musa: Of course you have, don’t be like that. Life itself is an adventure. How lucky we are to be alive right now. And since you're alive, why don’t you relax a little? Relax and listen to me. You may call me...Musa. I want YOU to listen well and listen hard, cause I have a story to tell you. Well, stories to be exact. Stories that all connect into one epic tale. A tale of hopes, dreams, spirits, fear, sorrow and joy. But first, a little history...The history of Hiletopia…
Long ago...When the universe was young, the universe didn’t know what to do with itself. It was confused, it was it was scared. But soon, it got the hang of what it was, but it didn’t know who it was. It spe
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Jason and Amelia by Claire-Petal-Splash Jason and Amelia :iconclaire-petal-splash:Claire-Petal-Splash 3 2 The Trial by Claire-Petal-Splash The Trial :iconclaire-petal-splash:Claire-Petal-Splash 8 4 Top 10 Characters That Deserve Better by Claire-Petal-Splash Top 10 Characters That Deserve Better :iconclaire-petal-splash:Claire-Petal-Splash 9 20 The Crystal Gems! by Claire-Petal-Splash The Crystal Gems! :iconclaire-petal-splash:Claire-Petal-Splash 12 5 JonTron's Load Of Shit Meme by Claire-Petal-Splash JonTron's Load Of Shit Meme :iconclaire-petal-splash:Claire-Petal-Splash 2 0 My Dream Come True (Death Star Firing Meme) by Claire-Petal-Splash My Dream Come True (Death Star Firing Meme) :iconclaire-petal-splash:Claire-Petal-Splash 0 0


Happy birthday Claire Petal Splash! by Daracoon911 Happy birthday Claire Petal Splash! :icondaracoon911:Daracoon911 2 2 Peridot by OhieKhe Peridot :iconohiekhe:OhieKhe 201 9 Aquamarine by LeleStar Aquamarine :iconlelestar:LeleStar 176 15
Kyria - Chapter 2
    The faint chatter of townsfolk quietens as three enter the tavern of Barbatta town. The timber floors creak with each step with almost every plank littered with smashed clay mugs. The lute player’s off-key melody resonates in the background; his aged eyes closed in the only appreciation of his melody. The dreary eyes of the tavern keeper lift in smirk as he suddenly dries a clay mug with additional vigor.
    “Hail, tavern keeper!” Adoran climbs on the highest stool. “Two o’ yer finest pints to begin with.”
    “Two pints for me too.” Ida steps up to the bar.
    “Not for you, Ida Noah,” Senyr rebukes. “Remember the ancient Eirosan proverb - A content spirit lies in modesty.”
    “Oh c’mon, why not?” Ida groans. “I haven’t had ale in… I don’t even remember.”
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Rayman and Spyro by Whitexkitty Rayman and Spyro :iconwhitexkitty:Whitexkitty 53 5 Tea Party by 8-Bit-Justin Tea Party :icon8-bit-justin:8-Bit-Justin 7 0 King Koopa by rodinator23 King Koopa :iconrodinator23:rodinator23 14 2 157 [Dawn 2] by Lizbeat 157 [Dawn 2] :iconlizbeat:Lizbeat 81 0 156 [Lucas 2] by Lizbeat 156 [Lucas 2] :iconlizbeat:Lizbeat 54 6
Kyria - Chapter 1
The weekend has arrived, but so has the rain. The walls of Eldograph, the boarding school of Inuva, are jammed with restless students and the jaded lack of activity. Most rainy weekends in this college are the same, with limited space indoors compared to the Eirosan Academy where every student much rather be. But instead, restive cries echo through the narrow halls and leak into the foyer; much to Letta’s detest. The room with the grubbiest carpet floor is quiet enough for the mid-teens to pore over school textbooks at the only table in the moderately quiet room.
“Well this’s boring!” Fridia drops her book on the other side of the table. “Gah! I aint gonna spend the entire weekend reading. You must know something better, Letts.”
Everyone knows Fridia, the dynamic exchange student from Avaltsut. The tomboy’s affinity for sport and adventure is always first on her mind. She dreads homework. The assertive female is the only student to ever
:iconfrozen-sol:Frozen-Sol 4 14
Pffft by timeblitz Pffft :icontimeblitz:timeblitz 81 15 Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir by Samiriam Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir :iconsamiriam:Samiriam 217 31 Super Mario Odyssey: Alternative Ending by thegamingdrawer Super Mario Odyssey: Alternative Ending :iconthegamingdrawer:thegamingdrawer 55 14 blue diamond by yasmik blue diamond :iconyasmik:yasmik 58 2 BD before PD's shattering by Kyarolann BD before PD's shattering :iconkyarolann:Kyarolann 50 17 Mindful Education by Swifty-Sunset Mindful Education :iconswifty-sunset:Swifty-Sunset 44 6



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"Everything can be beautiful if you look at it the right way." - Dani2017
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Claire Aimee Spencer
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Hi there, My name is Claire. I am a Canadian artist and I love making comics, art, fan-fiction and cupcakes. ;) I hope you support me and I hope you like my art! I work super hard!

(Art made by: TJSS08)


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